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Bloomington’s Annexation: The Suburbs Don’t Need Rescuing

By Thomas A. Schwandt, Ph.D. Two significant flaws characterize efforts of the Office of the Mayor of Bloomington to promote the annexation of the city’s suburbs: The absence of legitimate arguments for the annexation of specific subareas within a given proposed larger annexation area, and the use of hyperbolic characterizations of alleged benefits of theContinue reading “Bloomington’s Annexation: The Suburbs Don’t Need Rescuing”

It’s Not Partisan

By Peter Dorfman This blog came into existence as a protest against the Hamilton Administration, aided and abetted by a thin (and, I hope, temporary) majority on the City Council, buying into a fad theory about housing density and foisting it on a town that widely rejects it. It became “The Dissident Democrat” because itsContinue reading “It’s Not Partisan”



By Peter Dorfman I learned a new word the other day: “Workwashing.” According to Stowe Boyd, who I consider one of America’s most astute observers of trends in the workplace and the economy, workwashing is a verb meaning: “Providing a plausible and positive cover story by a business or industry to conceal the actual reasoningContinue reading “Homewashing”

County Residents Report on Their Petition Drive to Stop Annexation

By Peter Dorfman On Tuesday, August 3, County Residents Against Annexation sent the Mayor and the Common Council in Bloomington the following: Memorandum for the Record: County Residents Against Annexation is a group of County residents whoare circulating petitions among residents who have been targeted forannexation, especially in those areas without an active group alreadyContinue reading “County Residents Report on Their Petition Drive to Stop Annexation”


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