How to Voice Your Opposition to Bloomington’s Upzoning Plan

Squawk. Loudly.

The upzoning proposition is, fundamentally, the Mayor’s. Contact him directly to let him know you’re against it.

Mayor John Hamilton
401 N Morton St
Suite 210
Bloomington IN 47404
tel: 812-349-3406

The city’s Planning & Transportation Department drew up the proposed zoning map and has been promoting the proposed text amendments that would impose upzoning on the neighborhoods. The department is collecting The P&T Department has official channels of communication on the plan, but its staff can be contacted directly. Key contacts are:

Scott Robinson

Jacqueline Scanlan
Development Services Manager

The Plan Commission has voted to pass the proposal to upzone your neighborhoods on to the City Council. They not only left the proposal intact, but stripped out the conditional use status for plexes and the time/space buffering scheme the mayor’s planning staff had proposed to soften the impact on neighborhoods.

The Commission did leave the revised zoning map intact. What’s left is a plan for unrestrained, by right duplex development, in every residential zone in Bloomington.

Bloomington’s City Council will debate the zoning map and UDO amendments April 28. The Council have the final say on upzoning. They will not have the authority to change the map — they can vote it up or down. But they can change the wording of the text amendments to the UDO.

6Steve Volan
ALJim Sims (Council Pres.)
ALSusan Sandberg*
* Susan Sandberg also is a member of the Plan Commission.

May 4, 2021: City Council Committee of the Whole Debate on the Upzoning Proposal (continued), 6:30 pm. Zoom:

Let Council members know how you feel about the upzoning. Six members of the Council represent geographic districts — the member representing your district is the one most accountable to you. Use this interactive map to determine who your district representative is, if you don’t already know.

There also are three At-Large members of the Council, who are accountable to everyone in Bloomington.

The next election is in two years. If you object to the Mayor’s plan, tell your council members that this year’s decision on upzoning will be the one dominant issue in that election;. that the May 2023 Democratic primary will be competitive in every district; and that all incumbents should expect a challenge from Dissident Democrats, whose supporters will remember which of our elected officials in Bloomington and Monroe County supported upzoning, and which ones opposed it, and will vote accordingly.

Council members hold constituent meetings. You’re welcome to attend (especially those of your own district rep and the At-Large members) and make your feelings known. Email them directly as well.

You also can (and should) express yourself in a Letter to the Editor. Bloomington’s newspaper of record is the Herald-Times. Follow this link to submit a letter (up to 200 words).

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