Petition City Council to ‘Do No Harm’

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Changes to the UDO must be rejected. This will roll back the UDO to the version that was effective on April 18, 2020.


Join your neighbors in urging the City Council to Vote NO on the UDO for any one of the following reasons.

The Process Has Been Poisoned

This process has been a breach of the public trust. During a Pandemic. Without opportunity for community discussion – only timed, faceless testimony and explanation sessions via Zoom. This is inadequate and flies in the face of the approval of the UDO with community input just one year ago. See UDO Process

Politics has Infiltrated Staff Guidance

Departmental staff have abandoned their lawful role as providers of technical expertise in favor of advancing a political agenda. “Community feedback” sessions did not provide an open forum as the public were not allowed to communicate with each other, nor was public comment visible by the public. See AICP Code of Ethics (APA & American Inst. of Certified Planners)

Conditional is Not a Compromise

Conditional approval is not a compromise because prior controls have been abandoned. Design standards, provision of parking, and neighbor feedback have been effectively eliminated. It simply delays approval by a single meeting by a Zoning Board of Appeals staffer, not even the full Board.

Your Representative Voice Should be Heard

If the proposed text amendments fail to pass, we will be bound by the UDO as presented by the Plan Commission – an appointed, not elected body. This is not Equitable. This is not representative. The Council should represent the will and interests of their constituents and not dismiss them for an ideological crusade.

The Comprehensive Plan is Clear

Blanket approval of duplexes violates the community-generated vision and direction of the Bloomington Comprehensive Plan and must be voted down. City and community-suggested steps towards solutions are available. Upzoning is NOT one of them. There is plenty to say YES to – See Working Hard, Falling Behind: A Report on Affordability

Do No Harm – There Are NO Take-Backs

The Council must be prudent in their approvals. If there is a well-documented chance that these changes could do more harm than good, then they must vote to protect the community from that harm. See The Role Student Housing Plays in Communities (ShelterForce)

Please Share this Petition Widely to Send the Message to City Council that there was NO MANDATE AND NO EMERGENCY TO COMPEL THE ADMINISTRATION TO ADD THESE AMENDMENTS TO THE UDO.

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