Short Take: The More Progressive Housing Stance is AGAINST Upzoning

California Democratic State Senator Scott Weiner has advocated elimination of zoning restrictions on multi-family housing. He’s pushed for SB 50, a measure that would have made it easier for multi-family homes and apartment complexes to be built near transit hubs in areas zoned for single family homes.

“Triaging homelessness through shelters … alone will not get to the root of the problem, yet that is all that the status quo has to offer. We need massive infrastructure to actually bring people services and permanent housing, and also single-payer healthcare has to be a part of that too.” – California Democratic Socialist Jackie Fielder

Considered a progressive, Weiner faced a re-election challenge in November from fellow-Democrat Jackie Fielder, a “young, indigenous, queer, Latina” endorsed by the Democratic Socialists of America. Weiner was re-elected, but Fielder gave him a run for it, on a platform opposing reliance on the free market or elimination of zoning restrictions. Fielder argued the government should intervene and build more public housing for low- and no-income community members. 

In short, Fielder’s campaign demonstrates that the Really Progressive stance isn’t necessarily in favor of upzoning.

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