The Most Destructive Housing Form

By Jean Simonian The latest round of debate on the rezoning of Bloomington’s core has focused a lot of attention on the proposal to allow development of large multiplex apartment structures in core neighborhoods now zoned for single-family houses. That’s understandable; quadplexes would be big and conspicuous, towering over most of their neighbors, and eachContinue reading “The Most Destructive Housing Form”

Zoning Didn’t Segregate Bloomington. It Won’t Fix Us Now.

By William Coulter In the current debate over upzoning of core neighborhoods, supporters have asserted without evidence that upzoning will increase racial equity and neighborhood diversity. A closer examination of the history of zoning in Bloomington does not support that assertion. Segregation in Bloomington has a long history, but zoning ordinances did not segregate Bloomington.Continue reading “Zoning Didn’t Segregate Bloomington. It Won’t Fix Us Now.”

Bloomington’s Zoning History Offers a Lesson for Today

By Chris Sturbaum Bloomingtonians often tout the city’s exceptional commitment to progressive values and social justice – so much so that we often forget where we are and how recently those values evolved here. We’re in southern Indiana, and like most of the surrounding municipalities, even Bloomington has a long, shady history with respect toContinue reading “Bloomington’s Zoning History Offers a Lesson for Today”

Liberalism and real estate reality: The long view

I am an older person. This means I learned about climate change 50 years ago. Since then we have had the Vietnam War, Nixon and Watergate, Carter (who took fuel conservation seriously), Reagan (who did not), Bush the Elder, and Clinton, who worried out loud about the climate before his Vice President Al Gore lostContinue reading “Liberalism and real estate reality: The long view”

Middle finger to neighborhoods

It’s really appalling to think of all the hours, all the energy, over four months, we all utterly wasted last year arguing over the UDO. Seriously, four months I’ll never get back. Not just me – all of us, on both sides of the core neighborhood upzoning issue. Because ultimately it made no difference thatContinue reading “Middle finger to neighborhoods”

Upzoning in the administration’s own words

What is the Hamilton Administration telling us when it proposes to urbanize Bloomington’s traditional single family neighborhoods? Remember, this isn’t just the core neighborhoods — it’s many other areas and subdivisions around the city, some of whose residents believe they are covered by protective covenants that prohibited multiplex development, as indeed they did before thoseContinue reading “Upzoning in the administration’s own words”