The Revised Upzoning Proposal is On Its Way

On February 10, City Council members received the following notice from the Mayor’s office:

CITY OF BLOOMINGTON OFFICE OF THE MAYOR MEMORANDUM TO: Members of the Bloomington Common Council FROM: Mayor John Hamilton RE: UDO Revisions and Timeline DATE: February 10, 2021 

Since Planning & Transportation (P&T) staff initiated the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) zoning map and text amendment process in late October 2020, I have regularly coordinated with them on public feedback and next steps. The great majority of feedback we have received relates to the new R4 zone and the “plexes,” with comments both pro and con, and strong views evident. After listening intently, and discussing options, I have asked the P&T department to prepare a revised proposal to present to the Plan Commission and then the Council for further consideration. To summarize a complex issue: the revised proposal takes a cautious approach to assure all of us that as we move toward more consistency with the major goals of our Comprehensive Plan, including compact urban form, more sustainable neighborhoods, and more accessibility for more people from all walks of life, that we do so incrementally, with abundant opportunity for feedback, course corrections, and any adjustments as we go. This “three ring binder” approach recognizes none of us can predict the future, or all consequences (intended or un-) of detailed proposals like this, so we need to be ready to pull a page or part of it out at any time to adjust and modify as circumstances counsel. P&T plans to release the revised proposal publicly this week, and we’ll share that with you as soon as possible, with a summary of changes proposed in the revisions. The project website will soon have updated information including revised maps and proposals. Notices will be mailed to more than 20,000 property owners within the City on February 12, with a first hearing at the Plan Commission set for March 8 primarily covering process, rules, and the future hearings schedule. This will allow for additional time to review the revised proposals. I hope that as you review the revisions you will find this a reasonable compromise that will give an opportunity to achieve our shared important goals while also evaluating the deliberate and measured ongoing evolution of our neighborhoods. This incremental approach seems to have worked well when we introduced Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). One hopes the same will prove true here. We look forward to hearing your feedback as the process moves forward.

We’re monitoring. We’ll comment when the revised proposal appears.

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