Hamilton and his planners propose to take another shot at densification this year

The winner of the 2023 Democratic Primary, and the runner-up, both publicly opposed further densification of the core. Tweaking the UDO, again, to push his poorly rationalized agenda to defy the Comprehensive Plan and densify Bloomington’s neighborhoods should not be the prerogative of a lame duck mayor whose handpicked successor came in a weak third.

It’s On.

We’ll be hearing a lot about Sandberg’s bona fides as the election season gets underway. What matters today is that John Hamilton has a serious, committed primary challenger with a team and an infrastructure forming to conduct a credible campaign. Perhaps now that the ball is officially rolling, candidates with similar objectives will feel comfortable jumping into the races for City Council seats — especially those held by the ideologues who imposed the upzoning on the city.

Where Do We Put the New Catalent Workers? It’s a Trick Question

It’s tempting to point out that proposing tax abatements worth more than $29 million for a large corporation and then immediately turning around and hitting the rest of us poor suckers up for another local income tax hike (all of this immediately on the heels of the Mayor’s unpopular and still-very-iffy annexation of the suburbs) is a very bad look.