Gutter politics in Bloomington: Beware of ‘push polling’

By Peter Dorfman Six days in, with the 2023 Democratic primary election barely getting underway, voters in small town Bloomington got their first taste of big city campaign sleaze. On February 9, a friendly-looking post showed up in local voters’ Facebook feeds. It’s hosted by an innocuous page called “Indiana Citizens,” with a generic stateContinue reading “Gutter politics in Bloomington: Beware of ‘push polling’”

What’s a vote worth? Cash pouring into mayoral campaigns makes you wonder

How much campaign cash is enough? In such a small-time election, it’s fair to wonder where the campaigns run out of practical ways to spend their donated cash — and where contributions morph into opportunities to get the candidate’s attention.

On Don Griffin’s Candidacy for Mayor of Bloomington

By Peter Dorfman Access to the halls of power in the US remain stubbornly restricted for people of color — the brief, exceptional interlude of Barack Obama’s Presidency notwithstanding. But there has long been an exception to this pattern, at the level of municipal government. Black, Latinx and Asian-American mayors have served, often with greatContinue reading “On Don Griffin’s Candidacy for Mayor of Bloomington”